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7 Best Ethical and Sustainable Earrings

by Leslie Youngblood

While the sustainability in fashion conversation generally swirls around cotton, polyester, and other materials, we’re seeing an increasing number of jewelry brands that dedicate themselves to thoughtful sourcing, fair wages, give-back initiatives. 

That’s why we felt it was more than time to talk about the best ethical and sustainable earrings. There are options out there for all ages, styles, and budgets and we rounded them up here. 

Each brand featured does incredible work too, from sustainably ending cycles of poverty through employment, using purely upcycled and biodegradable materials, uploading traditional craft techniques, or offering full transparency and tracing, there’s surely one that matches your values as well as your vibe.

Here are the best ethical and sustainable earrings, picked to suit a wide variety of budgets. 

Element Stud Silver

Element Stud Silver – $130.00

1. Washed Ashore – White Topaz Element Stud Pair

Most people mistake white topaz for a diamond, as its sheen and clarity mimic a diamond’s. It’s also commonly considered to be the proper birthstone for the Aries and Taurus astrological signs. The white topaz in this set was extracted from vintage jewelry, so it could surely tell some tales. In fact, all of the gemstones Washed Ashore uses come from post-consumer gemstones that were extracted from vintage jewelry. 

This well-priced simple white topaz stud set will work for endless lifetimes and works well on its own and as an accent to other multiple piercings. 

Petal Pearl Earrings with Short Baroque Pearl Jackets

Petal Pearl Earrings with Short Baroque Pearl Jackets – $240.00

2. Poppy Finch – Petal Pearl Earrings with Short Baroque Pearl Jackets

You may not realize how much you needed “handcrafted sustainable modern fine jewelry” in your life before you met Poppy Finch. Their mission “is to create accessible high-quality fine jewelry for everyday hustling women and push the boundaries of traditional jewelry.” 

While the fine jewelry tag might give you pause when it comes to pricing, fear not: Poppy Finch keeps prices affordable and honest thanks to its “no-frills” approach to business and keeping production costs low and local to their Vancouver, Canada homebase. 

The brand is doing some truly gorgeous and innovative styles with their Modern Pearl Collection, as evidenced by their Petal Pearl Earrings here. Each set is made to order in 14k gold with organically shaped pearls. 


14K Princess Diamond Chain Stud Earrings – $295.00 for a pair (also sold as a single)

3. Zoe Chicco – 14k Princess Diamond Stud Chain Earrings

Zoë Chicco launched her jewelry line in her twenties after obtaining a metalsmithing degree and learning through years of apprenticeship. She adheres to a strict standard when it comes to her pieces. Everything is made by hand, made from 100% recycled 14-karat gold, and every diamond used is conflict-free. 

Her Princess Diamond Stud Chain Earrings are elegant with just a touch of edge. The slim chain extends from the .04 ctw white diamond and connects to the backing for a sweet huggy effect. Also available in rose gold and white gold.



Sonia Artichoke / Calla Earnings – $470.00

4. Agmes – Mismatch Hoops

There’s something so subversive yet insanely stylish about mismatched earrings. Too daring for you? The artichoke and a calla lily embellishments are removable so you can wear the elegant silver hoops on their own. 

The Agmes line is created by a sister duo right in Brooklyn, NY. Each piece is made out of recycled materials and they ensure no metals go to waste in the process.


Sadie Hoops – $135 CAD

5. Wolf Circus – Small Sadie Hoops in Gold

Wolf Circus is another Vancouver, Canada-based sustainably-minded jewelry brand. They make their collections from recycled metals that are melted down and cast. These refined yet substantial earrings feature 14k gold plated over bronze twist hoops with gold vermeil posts.

This pair is a fun twist (we had to!) on traditional hoops and adds a thoughtful accent to any ensemble, but we think they shine best when paired with a simple t-shirt, jean shorts, and sandals. It’s very downtown summer, with a side of stylish sustainability.


Valentina White Pearl – $145.00

6. Saule – Valentina Earrings in White Pearl

Saulė is a new sustainable jewelry brand based out of metro Detroit, MI. The line’s mission is to cultivate awareness and interest in ethical fashion while instilling confidence in every woman who wears their designs.

This inspiring tenet is apparent in their Valentina Earrings. The bold shape stays modern when paired with fresh white. These beauties feature Swarovski glass pearls, upcycled beading from vintage gowns, and a gold pineapple leather backing. 

While the Valentina Earrings may initially demand a special occasion, they also elevate your favorite oversized denim jacket. A lot of oomph + a little rough = endless compliments.

Louisa Earring

Louisa Earring – $95.00

7. Brackish Louisa Earring

Brackish was first started in 2007 and is most renowned for their handmade feather bow ties handcrafted from locally and sustainably-sourced materials. As the success of their men’s accessories grew, they expanded their offerings to include the ladies and their fun Louisa earrings are our top pick. 

This design honors the founder’s sister, Louisa, and features guinea, pheasant and peacock feathers, and a 24k gold-plated stud with post push back. While the colors are bright, their smaller size keeps the overall look refined and a welcome complement to most everyday ensembles.

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