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Quick question: What have you eaten so far today?

Have you made choices that would be in line with the best healthy food websites?

To be honest, my meal and snack selections aren’t always so smart. I usually have a busy day working and wrangling the kids. Of course, that’s no excuse, but I do make a conscious effort to eat clean 80 percent of the time. 

For me, and perhaps for you, learning how to eat in a more healthy manner is an ongoing journey. 

That’s why we compiled a quick list of the best healthy food websites. 

It’s a fantastic yet simple lineup that will help you learn about what makes food “healthy”, how to prepare healthy food, and how to get involved in the movement for more healthy food. 

Read on for our list of the five best healthy food websites. And let us know what other sites are your faves in the comments. We always love to learn and share more goodness!

Slow Food USA

1. Slow Food USA

“Good, clean, and fair food for all.”

That’s the Slow Food USA goal and mantra. 

The organization was created to support the Slow Food Movement, an initiative that promotes local food and traditional cooking. 

Their website is a trove of information for those looking to grow their engagement in the Slow Food movement and network and connect with leaders, board members, and local and national activists. 

If you’re looking to get directly involved you can also purchase varying levels of a yearly membership, which will provide you with a yearly subscription to the Slow Food magazine, discounts on events, and extended access to the Slow Food network. 

2. Food Nation 

Food Nation is another social enterprise with a vision to inspire people about good food. 

They provide practical and innovative food education activities for the general public, schools, and businesses in Newcastle, Gateshead, UK, and the surrounding area. 

Even if you aren’t local, their website is one of the best for learning about healthier food and eating habits. Visitors can access and purchase home recipe kits, read their informative comprehensive guide to cooking simple, and so much more. 

Food Democracy Now!3. Food Democracy Now!

Food Democracy Now! has some bad news: Some of your favorite snacks contain “shocking” levels of glyphosate contamination, a chemical that causes organ damage even at ultra-low levels. 

While the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States considers glyphosate to have low toxicity when used at the recommended doses, it’s pretty disturbing to think that the food we eat can make us sick. 

It’s Food Democracy Now!’s mission to educate citizens about the “fundamentally broken” food system and build a better, sustainable method that protects our natural environment, sustains farmers, and nourishes families. 

The most read-worthy aspect of their website is the information on their continued legal action and crusade against Monsanto, the agrochemical company responsible for the poisonous weedkiller, RoundUp. 

Eat Well Guide 4. Eat Well Guide

I’d like to introduce you to your new favorite healthy food website. Eat Well is like Google Maps, but for healthy restaurants. You simply enter your location and what you’re looking for — i.e. coffee shops — and the Eat Well database will search over 25,000 hand-picked restaurants, farms, markets, and other sources of local, sustainable food. 

You can also explore various city offerings from around the country and check out events they support with their sustainable dining guides.

But wait, there’s more! 

The site also has an extensive glossary of terms to help you decipher head-scratcher terms like monoculture, rBGH-Free, and so on.

Food Print5. FoodPrint

FoodPrint is one of the best healthy food websites because they make it simpler for you to make food choices that do less harm to the environment, animals, and people. 

The main page breaks down the major food system issues like social justice and good production and helps you understand how these issues affect your FoodPrint, as well as how all of the big issues are interconnected. 

It’s a little heavy, but it’s fascinating—and super important. 

The highlight of the site is their Eating Sustainably section which provides easy get-started guides. Bookmark this one and work through it slowly. Each section is worth every minute. 

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